Twyford Learning Keys

To further develop children's understanding of their learning and give them the confidence that they can develop as learners, we teach explicit learning skills. These are known as the 'Twyford Learning Keys':

  • I can explain what I have learnt
  • I know what I did well and how I can improve
  • I keep trying when I get stuck
  • I choose my own ways to learn
  • I organise my thinking in different ways
  • I learn well in a team
  • I can decide when it is helpful to learn on my own or with others
  • I use my creativity and imagination
  • I re-think my ideas and try a different way
  • I ask questions to make myself and others think

These are introduced gradually to the children and their understanding of each develops as they go through the school. They are given opportunities to develop the skills, identify situations in which they have used their skills and use them to evaluate their learning.


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